A miniseries showing someone who is the worst at their job, e.g. "Worst Kindergarten Teacher Ever". The scenes are shot off-set at various locations, depending on the occupation. Debuted Season 3, Episode 2. The featured cast members include: Matt Meese—"Worst Doctor Ever"; Mallory Everton—"Worst Kindergarten Teacher Ever"; Jason Gray—"Worst Personal Trainer Ever"; Whitney Call—"Worst Lawyer Ever"; Jason Gray—"Worst app ever", Jeremy Warner—"Worst Waiter ever", and James Perry—"Worst Cop Ever." In season 7, they made "Worst Plumber Ever", where the plumber is played by Stacey. There have been eight segments of "Worst…Ever". A ninth segment called "Worst Psychiatrist Ever" was aired, where the psychiatrist was played by Stephen Meek.

Worst Teacher EverEdit

There are good teachers, there are bad teachers and then there is the worst teacher...ever.

Worst Teacher Ever02:19

Worst Teacher Ever

Worst Doctor EverEdit

We're going to need a second opinion.

Worst Doctor Ever02:19

Worst Doctor Ever

Worst Trainer EverEdit

Who wouldn't want this guy as a trainer?

Worst Trainer Ever01:58

Worst Trainer Ever

Worst Lawyer EverEdit

Never... EVER let her be your lawyer!

Worst Lawyer Ever03:25

Worst Lawyer Ever

Worst App EverEdit

Don't even download this app.

Worst App Ever02:32

Worst App Ever

Worst Waiter EverEdit

We all love getting a good waiter when you go out to eat. You probably won't want this guy as your waiter though.

Worst Waiter Ever03:01

Worst Waiter Ever

Worst Cop EverEdit

Sleep a little better tonight knowing that the law enforcement is protecting you from danger. ...or at least trying their best. ....or maybe just sort of trying.

Worst Cop Ever02:36

Worst Cop Ever

Worst Plumber EverEdit

Have a problem with your plumbing? Well, we know who NOT to call! This plumber is completely incompetent, but has a heart of gold! Watch the catastrophe now!

Worst Plumber Ever02:32

Worst Plumber Ever

Worst Psychiatrist EverEdit

Stephen is a great example of how therapy can really work!

Worst Psychiatrist Ever03:45

Worst Psychiatrist Ever

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