What's the Word

What's the Word


James: Oh hey Matt, I need to tell you something important.
Matt: What's up?
James: There's something wrong with the... you know?
Matt: No. What are you talking about?
James: Well just, uh… just thought you want to know that the um… the… what's the word?
Matt: What? Describe it.

James: Okay, so, you know, like, when you go to the store, you get in your car?
Matt: Is something wrong with the car?
James: No. You know bears?
Matt: The animal? Yes, I know what bears are.
James: Okay, so like, when you go camping, and you have to hide from the bears?
Matt: I guess?
James: That thing.
Matt: A tent?
James: A tent? You don't own a tent. Why would I be talking about a tent?
Matt: Why are you talking about bears? Give me better clues!

James: It's a hard word! It's like... ah... you need it when you go exercising.
Matt: A gym membership?
James: No. You know how you put stuff in your house?
Matt: Furniture?
James: No. I mean, like that, for you… for yourself. Metaphorically. Your heart pumps.
Matt: Metaphorically, my heart pumps? What is it? Blood?
James: What does blood have to do with bears?
Matt: You tell me! Is it oxygen?
James: No, why would I be worried about oxygen? You're the one with asthma.
Matt: Why would you say that?
James: Sorry, it's just a completely different problem.
Matt: The only problem is that my stupid roommate can't communicate!
James: Peter? Dude, he's deaf.
Matt: Yeah, I know he's deaf. He's not the problem. Never mind. I give up on this.
James: But there's something wrong with the thing!
Matt: Then give me better clues!

James: You... you go in there, and you cut it up!
Matt: Origami?
James: That's folding, not cutting.
Matt: Okay, you need to stop acting like I'm the stupid one.
James: You can't figure it out!
Matt: Neither can you!
James: Well, I know what it looks like... in my head.
Matt: Then describe it! Something detailed that makes sense!
James: I... ah... Okay! Oh, I got it! Okay, so, you know those things when you're squished up? You know when you're squished up, like in an elevator… or a concert! You know, you're doing the concert and everyone's squished, and you're like "Oh no! We're all squished up, like when your mom-", oh, and you… but you gotta take the roof off, and so you're like… you know, like "Oh, hello, giant person"... and it smells bad?

Matt: Okay, I give up again. Clearly, I've bitten off more than I can chew.
James: Yeah, you chew it!
Matt: You chew it, like a food?
James: Food! Oh, that's what it's called.
Matt: Food?! Food is the word you couldn't think of?
James: Yes. Your food.
Matt: Wow. So what's wrong with my food?
James: It's burning.
Matt: Why didn't you say something?
James: I tried to say something! What else could I have said? "Hey Matt, it's burning." Oh yeah, I could have said that.