Two Truths and a Lie01:55

Two Truths and a Lie


Natalie: Okay, okay, okay, new game, new game! Let's play Two Truths and a Lie.
Whitney: I love that game! Okay, now alright, I'll go first, I'll go first. Okay. Uhm… I have a crush on Brett,…
Natalie: It's true.
Whitney: ...I love the colour pink, and I went to the moon once.
Mallory: Silly.
Natalie: You have to do better than that, silly! It's obviously the last one.

Natalie: Okay, my turn, my turn, I'll go.
Whitney: Okay.
Mallory: Okay.
Natalie: Okay, I have been on a Disney Caribbean cruise,  I won the science fair in fifth grade,…
Mallory: Okay.
Natalie: ...and I volunteer at the animal shelter on Fridays.
Mallory: Natalie, that's so hard.
Natalie: I know.
Whitney: Was it the science affair one?
Mallory: Yeah?
Natalie: No, I volunteer on Saturdays, so…
Mallory: Aw.

Natalie: Okay, your turn, your turn.
Mallory: Okay, uhm, okay, uhm… I once vomited into a child's eyes and blinded him…
Whitney: Okay, we know that that one is a lie.
Natalie: Yeah.
Mallory: ...I spent three years in prison for stealing a disabled woman's family fortune, and I have an airborne infectious disease.

Mallory: Do I win? *cough* Sorry.

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