Here are all the videos with the Matchmaking Janitor.

The Janitor: Library LoveEdit

A study session at the library turns into much more as The Janitor swoops in to help a young couple make a connection.

Video features James Perry, Adam Berg and Whitney Call.

The Janitor Library Love05:18

The Janitor Library Love

The Janitor: Gym JocksEdit

Don't worry ladies, the janitor of the gym has got your back and will protect you from the ever-present gym jocks. #bro.

Cast: Mallory Everton, Jason Gray, James Perry, Stacey Harkey and Natalie Madsen

Director: Jared Shores

Producer: Jared Shores and Diane Mayne

Writer: James Perry

Editor: Yurii Hydrick

The Janitor Gym Jocks05:30

The Janitor Gym Jocks

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