The Best of Studio C

Enjoy the best skits from Season 1 and 2.

Weighty MattersEdit

There are many forms of torture. Watch as this villain takes an unorthodox method of unpleasantries to get the nuclear launch codes. 

Weighty Matters04:12

Weighty Matters

Cut the WireEdit

Colorblindness. It's more serious than you think.

Cut the Wire00:45

Cut the Wire

Lobster BisqueEdit

The Lobster Bisque is the best!

Lobster Bisque04:34

Lobster Bisque


We have all seen videos for the latest and greatest workout routine. You hate it, but you love it. Watch as Matt helps motivate us to get the dream bodies we all want, or don't want.



The Center for People That YouTube Made InfamousEdit

The Center for People That YouTube Made Infamous can help you.

The Center for People That YouTube Made Infamous03:35

The Center for People That YouTube Made Infamous

Shoulder Angel Meets Shawn BradleyEdit

Our favorite shoulder angel is back, and this time it is to help NBA player Shawn Bradley. Watch as the shoulder angel has to climb to great heights to help make a good decision.

Featuring guest star Shawn Bradley.  

Shoulder Angel Meets Shawn Bradley05:50

Shoulder Angel Meets Shawn Bradley

Captain Literally, Part 1Edit

Introducing Captain Literally. Balance restored!

Captain Literally, Part 101:50

Captain Literally, Part 1

Captain Literally, Part 2Edit

Balance restored!

Captain Literally, Part 201:10

Captain Literally, Part 2


Whole Foods is great, but there are some drawbacks.




Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Weighty Matters 1,490,000+ 98.7%
Cut the Wire 830,000+ 99.0%
Lobster Bisque 1,750,000+ 98.4%
P90X 2,000,000+ 99.0%
The Center for People That YouTube Made Infamous 1,970,000+ 99.0%
Shoulder Angel Meets Shawn Bradley 1,400,000+ 98.9%
Captain Literally, Part 1 1,530,000+ 99.0%
Captain Literally, Part 2 1,300,000+ 99.2%
Naturally 2,640,000+ 99.0%


  • This episode is the first marked special of Studio C.
  • None of these sketches are in the five most watched sketches of Season 1 and Season 2. Nor are these sketches among the five highest rated sketches of named seasons, except for Captain Literally, Part 2.
  • This episode does feature Captain Literally, a PSA sketch, Shoulder Angel and a guest star.
    • It also features a sketch with Mattory.
  • Matt appears in all featured sketches, except for Lobster Bisque. Mallory and Stephen appear in all sketches but two.
  • Stacey and James 'only' appear in three out of nine sketches.
  • This special features three sketches from Season 1 and six sketches from Season 2.

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