The tongue twisters are sketches where cast members attempt to perform a sketch full of tongue-twisters. If any of the cast make a mistake, the sketch is immediately restarted. Each tongue-twister has a letter that they alliterate. The first one was d, the second was r and w, and the third was s. Recurring elements include Stacey Harkey eating food during the sketch and Mallory Everton appearing suddenly from an unexpected place. Adam Berg does not participate in the tongue-twister, but is (usually) the victim of some form of slapstick comedy from something done by Jason Gray. However, in the third tongue-twister, Jason was the victim of the slapstick comedy from something done by Matt, Adam, and Stacey. There have been three tongue-twister sketches.

Dana's Dead Tongue TwisterEdit

Tongue twisters can be tricky and wet.

Dana's Dead Tongue Twister

Dana's Dead Tongue Twister

MM = Matt Meese SH = Stacey Harkey JG = Jason Gray ME = Mallory Everton

MM: Guys, come quick it’s Dana!

SH: What happened?

MM: She’s Dead.

JG: Dana’s Dead?

MM: As a Doornail.

SH: What did she do?

MM: She was diving into a deep ditch and did a double flip.

SH: Dana Deep Ditch diving? Wasn’t Dana digging Doug’s garden?

JG: No Dillon digs Doug’s garden, Dana digs Drake’s garden.

MM: Yes, but then she went deep ditch diving. I drained the deep ditch, but didn’t see Dana.

ME: Dudes, don’t despair. Dana didn’t die deep ditch diving, she was trying to draw drowsy duck down by Dairy Queen, downing a dilly bar in a Dodge Dakota.

SH: Dana drawing drowsy ducks? Did she do drugs?

JG: I doubt it was Dana. She doesn’t do well downing dairy, driving or drawing drowsy ducks.

ME: Dude, don’t you dare doubt me like dat.

SH: Dana!

JG: Dana!

MM: Oh Dana, after you did drugs and deep ditch dove, I drained the deep ditch but didn’t see you, decided you died deep ditch diving, but then a Dodge Dakota and dilly bar were down by DQ, but I doubt it was you cause don’t you dislike dairy and drawing drowsy ducks?

Robbing Roger Tongue TwisterEdit

Try saying that ten times fast.

Robbing Roger Tongue Twister

Robbing Roger Tongue Twister

MM = Matt Meese, SH = Stacey Harkey, JG = Jason Gray, ME = Mallory Everton (Winnifred), AB = Adam Berg (Roger)

MM: Hear ye! We will now commence the trial of the rougish rascal roger!

SH: The rougish rascal roger? What rank of wrongful rules has Roger wrought?

JG: Roger robbed my wobbly wagon of its really weird rear wheels!

SH: AH! wobbly-wheel robbing! Did Roger rob your wobbly white wagon?

JG: No! Ralph robbed my wobbly white wagon, roger robbed my wobbly red wagon!


SH: AH! The weird witch Winnifred!

ME: Rescind your wretched rabble-rousing! Roger was wrongfully renounced for I watched him riding rear-ward in his wobbly red wheelbarrow whilst whistling warbles to his wartful warthog.

MM: What?

ME: Thus the wobbly red wagon wheels which Roger robbed are really his warped red wheelbarrow wheels.

SH: The witch rectified that report.


MM: So, to wrap up, the rougish rascal Roger robbed the really weird rear wheels of the wobbly red wagon, but the wicked witch Winnifred rectified the report redeeming Roger of his woeful wrongdoing, RELEASE HIM!!!

[JG sprays AB with Water]

JG: Water!!!

Sam Sloane Tongue TwisterEdit

Can you say any of these sentences without messing up? These guys can hang with the best tongue twisters out there.

Cast: Adam Berg, Mallory Everton, Jason Gray, Stacey Harkey and Matt Meese

Director: Jared Shores

Producer: Jared Shores and Diane Mayne

Writer: Matt Meese

Editor: Yurii Hydrick

Sam Sloane Tongue Twister

Sam Sloane Tongue Twister

MM=Matt Meese JG=Jason Gray SH=Stacey Harkey ME=Mallory Everton AB=Adam Berg

MM: Sam Sloane.

JG: Suh.

MM: Somebody said you stole some secrets.

JG: So?

MM: Stop Spouting off.

SH: September 7th of 76 slick someone saw you sneekin' something psychedelic.

JG: Say what.

SH: You slipped up Scooby. Steeling Slick's Secrets from Sweet Sally Shores it's sickening.

MM: Who?

SH: You know she sells short shirts on seven.

JG: So? I set up Sleazy Sally, so she said she'd see Samson Simpson to seek some serious satisfaction.

SH: Samson Simpson who sells the sinister supplies?

JG: No some other Samson Simpson stupid. Stop slapping.

ME: Somebody sent some seriously sickening stuff, say Sam Sloane should stop sleuthing or some snafu would soon snub Slippery Sam so silently so that no screaming sounds will save him. Signed the Sniper Snapper. Sorry I spilled some sugary strawberry strudel on it.

JG: The Sniper Snapper the Snitch Sweeper sent that? Sorry Sergeants I'm silent.

MM: Sir, seems Sam Sloane stole and sold some of Sally Shore's secrets, so Sniper Snapper the Snitch Sweeper seeks satisfaction using Samson Simpson's sinister supplies to subvert Sloane's squealing.

JG: I thought he was gonna spra-.

AB: Sweet Satisfaction.