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Star FeraldoEdit

Star Feraldo is an "A-list extra". She is very difficult to work with and she doesn't like much. Whenever she doesn't get what she wants she will start saying "Ah nah!". She is primarily known as the main character of the "I Don't Do..." sketches. In each of her sketches, she mentions that she "doesn't do mornings", referring back to the sketch she first appeared in.

I Don't Do MorningsEdit

With talent like hers, why would you even dream about being talked into doing things you don't want to do, like working mornings? Meet Star Feraldo, THE A-List Extra of Hollywood.

I Don't Do Mornings05:33

I Don't Do Mornings

I Don't Do RobberiesEdit

Guess who's BAAAAACK??!?! STAR FERALDO with just as much sass as before! Watch this diva's demands and try to stay out of her way!

I Don't Do Robberies05:05

I Don't Do Robberies

I Don't Do SurgeriesEdit

You can't get enough of Star Feraldo, right?? Well she can't get enough of you... as long as you're not a doctor wanting to operate on her in the morning. Watch out, Star's got some sass for you!

I Don't Do Surgeries05:09

I Don't Do Surgeries

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