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Spencer is a baby with a high IQ and a very commanding attitude. He is also somehow able to talk. The first sketch he appeared in was Generation Gap, where he meets his new roommate, the second was Spencer Goes to Class, where he sees an old girlfriend, the third was The Wrong Sketch, and the fourth Baby Spencer Goes to Work.

Generation GapEdit

Having room mates with an age difference can always be hard but, what would you do if your room mate was really, really young? Watch and see if James can adapt and stay in his new apartment.

Generation Gap05:26

Generation Gap

Spencer Goes to ClassEdit

Spencer has his own problems at school.

Spencer Goes to Class03:31

Spencer Goes to Class

The Wrong SketchEdit

Season 3 of Studio C is here!

The Wrong Sketch04:46

The Wrong Sketch

Baby Spencer Goes to WorkEdit

Baby Spencer is BACK! (dun dun DUN!) Watch how Spencer uses his adorable baby face to fight through the tumultuous corporate world. This soft-skinned, weak-boned genius has ambitious plans!

Baby Spencer Goes to Work04:42

Baby Spencer Goes to Work

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