This page includes all sketches with characters from the DC Comics franchise.

Bane's Birthday PartyEdit

Who invited Bane to the birthday party?

Bane's Birthday Party04:01

Bane's Birthday Party

The Unusual SuspectsEdit

Can you identify this voice?

The Unusual Suspects02:47

The Unusual Suspects

Superman's SiblingEdit

Superman is super annoying as a brother.

Superman's Sibling04:03

Superman's Sibling

My Fake BoyfriendEdit

My Fake Boyfriend is soooo real! I mean I totally saw him yesterday! Don't believe me? Watch this video and see.

My Fake Boyfriend03:15

My Fake Boyfriend

Supervillain InterrogationEdit

It's a nasty room with these villains in there, but they're about to get grilled on what evil plans they're up to.

Supervillain Interrogation04:28

Supervillain Interrogation

The New Ronald McDonaldEdit

Get rid of Ronald McDonald and find someone new! Maybe someone like this guy.

The New Ronald McDonald03:41

The New Ronald McDonald

Christian Bale Auditions for ExodusEdit

Exodus: Gods and Kings directed by Ridley Scott and staring Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton will be released in theaters soon. Watch the never-before-seen footage of Christian Bale's audition for the part of Moses.

Christian Bale Auditions for Exodus03:45

Christian Bale Auditions for Exodus

Wonder Woman Fights Justice League For EqualityEdit

Wonder Woman takes on Batman, Superman and The Flash in an argument for more equality in the ranks of the Justice League.

Wonder Woman Fights Justice League For Equality05:14

Wonder Woman Fights Justice League For Equality

Batman v Superman on The Citizen's CourtEdit

Things just got REAL. Batman is suing Superman for all he's worth! What will the world do when its heroes turn against each other? Stay tuned!

Batman v Superman on The Citizen's Court06:33

Batman v Superman on The Citizen's Court

The Power of Fortune CookiesEdit

The Power of Fortune Cookies. Have YOU ever been blessed by the fortune cookie gods?? They can bring you total bliss or utter terror! Watch the fate of these brave souls now!

The Power of Fortune Cookies03:03

The Power of Fortune Cookies

I'm BatmanEdit

Ready for another STUDIO C BATMAN sketch?!? We thought so! Pay close attention as it may get EXTREMELY TRICKY to identify the ACTUAL Batman! Let's see if you can do it!

I'm Batman03:54

I'm Batman

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