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If you were not looking for the character, but for one of the sketches with the Shoulder Angel, click here.

If you were not looking for the character, but for one of the sketches with the Shoulder Devil, click here.

A battle between good, evil; tall and short. That's right. It's shoulder angel time. The Shoulder Angels are played by five different people: Matt Meese, McKay Jacobsen, Stephen Meek, Adam Berg, and Stacy Harkey. Matt also plays the Shoulder Devil in Shoulder Devil and Shoulder Angel and Devil. Stephen and Stacy are shoulder angels only in the Presidential Shoulder Angel. McKay is a Shoulder angel in Shoulder Angel Angel and Shoulder Angel and Devil. Adam is a shoulder angel in The Wrong Sketch.


Matt Meese plays a life-sized shoulder angel. Humor results from the fact that Shoulder Angel feels the need to physically and awkwardly climb to a perch upon the right shoulder of the body of each character for which he attempts to act as a conscience. His catchphrase is "Poof!" which he says upon entering the scene. A variant on this skit is Shoulder Devil, also played by Meese, a life-sized, obese devil who also climbs the body of each character he attempts to tempt. The concept of Shoulder Angel and Shoulder Devil is inspired by a sketch from BYU Divine Comedy, recorded in the fall of 2008. In several sketches, Divine Comedy cast member McKay Lindsey also appears as a shoulder angel, appearing alongside Matt Meese. Debuted Season 1, Episode 2. Shoulder Angel and Shoulder Devil have appeared in six sketches.

Shoulder AngelEdit

Bank robbers have a conscience too.

Shoulder Angel04:37

Shoulder Angel

Shoulder DevilEdit

The shoulder devil is harder to carry than an angel.

Shoulder Devil05:08

Shoulder Devil

Shoulder Angel Meets Shawn BradleyEdit

The Shoulder Angel has met his match.

Shoulder Angel Meets Shawn Bradley05:50

Shoulder Angel Meets Shawn Bradley

The Wrong SketchEdit

Season three of Studio C is here!

The Wrong Sketch04:46

The Wrong Sketch

Shoulder Angel AngelEdit

Everyone needs a little advice.

Shoulder Angel Angel04:06

Shoulder Angel Angel

Shoulder Angel and DevilEdit

Angel vs. Devil... who wins?

Shoulder Angel and Devil05:49

Shoulder Angel and Devil

Presidential Shoulder AngelEdit

Who needs a Shoulder Angel more than the President?

Presidential Shoulder Angel02:43

Presidential Shoulder Angel

Studio C Season 50Edit

Season 6 of Studio C is here! We're so excited we're giving you a sneak peak at the next 44 seasons of Studio C.

Studio C Season 5006:01

Studio C Season 50

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