Shooting Booth

Shooting Booth


Stephen: I don't understand! I keep aiming right at the ducks and I can't hit any!
Matt: Ah, tough luck, kid. But another dollar buys you three more shots!
Stephen: I already spent all my allowance.
Matt: Oh, you did, huh? Well, I guess that's you done, then.
Stephen: Can I have just one more?
Matt: No. Oh, you're really upset about this, aren't you? Go away, you're bad for business.

Matt: Step up, step up! Everybody's a winner! One dollar for three shots… Hello.
Mallory: Ooh, this looks fun. How much?
Matt: For you, it's on the house.
Mallory: You're so sweet.
Matt: No, it's okay.
Mallory: So I just… I just shoot this at the ducks?
Matt: Yeah, but you don't want to use that gun, it doesn't shoot straight. This one's real good, though.
Mallory: Okay, so I… I just hold it like this?
Matt: Yeah, and you want to aim for somewhere in the middle of the ducks, try to get…
Mallory (fires)
Matt: Oh!
Mallory: Oh. Oopsie.
Matt: Oh! That is right in the middle of the hand! Oh! That is tender.
Mallory: I'm so, so sorry. I don't know what happened, it just went off.
Matt: Oh, it's okay. It happens all the time. It's just a bb gun, so it doesn't hurt that bad. Oh!

Matt: Okay. Don't shoot! All I was saying, is that you want to aim for the middle of the du-...
Mallory (fires)
Matt: Oh! Ah! That is right in the same… in the same spot! Oh! That is one in a million! Oh! You know what, here. Let's just uh… let's just give you a little prize, and we'll call it good, okay?
Mallory: Oh, actually, I was hoping for one of the big ones.
Matt: Were you? I…
Mallory: Yeah. Yeah.
Matt: Okay, you know what, I'm just gonna get under the table for safety reasons, and you just shoot to your heart's content, okay?
Mallory: Okay.
Mallory (fires)
Mallory: Darn it, I don't think I hit anything.
Matt: Ah! Ah! It ricocheted right into my hand! Ah! There's a hole! There's a hole in my hand! Ah!
Mallory: Oopsie. I'm so sorry, does it hurt bad? You look like you're crying.
Matt: No! It's just 'cause it's so funny. It's so funny that this happens.
Mallory: Okay.
Matt: Oh, here. Take the giant prize.
Mallory: Oh!
Matt: Tell your friends.
Mallory: Okay.

Stephen: Mom, did you win the big one?
Mallory: Yeah.
Matt: That's your son? That's your son?!
Mallory: Don't ever mess with my kid again.

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