Shayli Dursteler Edit

Shayli Studio C

Shayli Dursteler (born in February 2006) was the only surviving baby out of nine pregnancies. She was featured on an episode of Random Acts, another program produced by BYUtv. After her mother Toni was diagnosed with cancer, her family was devastated. To forget about the horrible trials in the life of their family, Random Acts and Studio C devised a birthday surprise for Shayli to never forget, by letting her and her family have lunch with a part of the cast, and by letting her play an extra in the sketch "The Worst Therapist Ever".

Random ActsEdit

This family of Studio C fans gets the greatest surprise on their daughter’s birthday. The cast of Studio C eats a giant Studio-C-themed birthday cake and even sings a special birthday song to her! The birthday girl even got a minute under the Studio-C spotlight as a sketch extra! Watch for tender moments with the cast and this deserving family.

Studio C-Prise! The Surprise Birthday of a Lifetime - Random Acts06:45

Studio C-Prise! The Surprise Birthday of a Lifetime - Random Acts

Worst Psychiatrist EverEdit

Stephen is a great example of how therapy can really work!

Worst Psychiatrist Ever03:45

Worst Psychiatrist Ever

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