Season 9 Rumors Edit

As Studio C begins filming Season 9 in Provo, Utah, lots of rumors are floating around as to what will be in Season 9 of Studio C. Here we have gathered a list of the rumors from different sources. Please enjoy and remember that not all of this is confirmed information. This is all subject to change. Enjoy! This will be the final season that will start the original 10 cast members.

  1. The set of one sketch is a house that is under construction. (According to: James Perry Instagram)
  2. One Sketch involves Adam Berg and James Perry dressed as caped mall security guards. (According to: James Perry Instagram, Adam Berg Instagram, Tori Pence Instagram)
  3. Kevin will return in an outdoors sketch (According to: Whitney Call Instagram)
  4. Natalie will be featured as a wizard in a sketch (According to: Natalie Madsen Instagram)
  5. Studio C is doing a Wheel of Fortune Parody featuring Natalie, Adam, Tori and Jason (According to: Natalie Madsen Instagram, Adam Berg Instagram, Tori Pence Instagram)
  6. Adam will NOT be playing a Power Ranger (According to: Adam Berg Instagram)
  7. Tori will be playing someone OLD. (According to: Tori Pence Instagram)
  8. Elves are back in Season 9 (According to: Studio C Wardrobe Dept)
  9. A sketch about a rainy day is coming (According to: Studio C Wardrobe Dept)
  10. Season 9 will feature a Pinocchio Parody (According to: Studio C Wardrobe Dept)
  11. Teddy Bears are used on Season 9 in special sketch (According to: Studio C Wardrobe Dept)
  12. A Sketch will take place at an arcade (According to: Tori Pence Instagram)
  13. Stacey, Natalie and Adam will explore a haunted, Egyptian tomb.  (According to: Studio C Instagram)
  14. One set features a rustic, warehouse feel with DIY decorations everywhere. (According to: Natalie Madsen)
  15. Stephen and Whitney play an old couple in one sketch (According to: Studio C Glamsquad Instagram)
  16. There will be a Black Panther Parody (According to: Stacey Harkey Instagram)
  17. There will be an Overwatch Sketch featuring Tori. (According to: Tori Pence Instagram, Studio C Instagram)
  18. Jeremy plays an army general (According to: Jeremy Warner Instagram
  19. One sketch involves a workout (According to: Studio C Wardrobe Instagram)
Season Nine
No. Title Original air date
1 Season 9 Episode 1 September 10, 2018
2 Season 9 Episode 2 September 17, 2018
3 Season 9 Episode 3 September 24, 2018
4 Season 9 Episode 4 October 1, 2018
5 Season 9 Episode 5 October 8, 2018
6 Season 9 Episode 6 October 15, 2018
7 Season 9 Episode 7 October 22, 2018
8 Season 9 Episode 8 October 29, 2018
9 Season 9 Episode 9 November 5, 2018
10 Season 9 Episode 10 November 12, 2018