Season Eight
No. Title Original air date
1 Season 8 Episode 1 October 2, 2017
In this exciting first episode of Season 8, a fight starts when Stephen calls James by the wrong name, we meet a British stage actor playing Jeremy, and a crosswalk desperately wants some company.
2 Season 8 Episode 2 October 9, 2017
Someone shares a little too much information in a team get to know you game, Jeremy wakes up from surgery believing he is a fish, and just when Adam thinks his love triangle is hard enough another person gets thrown in the mix.
3 Season 8 Episode 3 October 16, 2017
Jason shows the five stages of Netflix addiction, an 80's sitcom brings back big hair, and we take a look inside the planning committee for the upcoming Star Wars movies.
4 Season 8 Episode 4 October 23, 2017
A tourist is confused by a New York sandwich shop's service, Mo and Susan go on the worlds most awkward date, and Bad Karma returns.
5 Season 8 Episode 5 October 30, 2017
Matt, Jason and James try to impress girls with their cosplay, a young boy is haunted by a very unusual monster under his bed, and Joyce from Stranger Things continues to look for her son using any decorations she can think of. Featuring Alena Helzer and Kayla Yentes.
6 Season 8 Episode 6 November 13, 2017
The worst ninja ever struggles to get the job done, Matt makes the poor choice of using a Groupon for his laser eye treatment, and a time traveler ruins a couple's proposal.
7 Season 8 Episode 7 November 6, 2017
Matt gets tricked by a story about sea snakes, Michelangelo gets feedback about his latest "graffiti", and things don't go as planned when Prince Phillip tries to kiss his true love.
8 Season 8 Episode 8 November 20, 2017
It's Studio C's 100th episode! Dalton takes his TSA job a little too seriously, Matt can't stop reading Tori's texts, and Jeremy ends up sharing a row a bloodsucking passenger.
9 Season 8 Episode 9 November 27, 2017
Matt needs advice from James about a girl, but James isn't listening, Batman and Dora take on Gotham City, and Belle is unimpressed after the Beast transforms.
10 Season 8 Episode 10 December 4, 2017
James teaches us how to make a holiday Lobster Bisque, the gang tries to get away from Leo the Kiosk Salesman, and Adam and Natalie don't notice Matt outside in the snowstorm. Featuring Adam Heimbigner.
11 Season 8 Episode 11 February 12, 2018