Season 7 Episode 9

Jason and Natalie try to take a simple family photo, the Charleston Brothers get help from the YouTube channel "What's Inside", and Spencer interviews for a job.

Unflattering Family PhotoEdit

Ever ask a stranger to take a photo for you? And have you ever had it turn out bad? Good thing we've moved past the day of actual film and a limited number of photos from family vacations. 

Unflattering Family Photo02:20

Unflattering Family Photo

The Most Organic Vlog: Diet TipsEdit

Are you totes ready for this amaze lifestyle vlog that we are obsessed with that will supes change your life???!! Learn diet tips, health tips, exercise tips and fashion tips, and feel the world with Sawyer and Madysen now! Science is so amaze!!

The Most Organic Vlog Diet Tips03:39

The Most Organic Vlog Diet Tips

Gaming on the Down LowEdit

What??! No, we're not playing video games!! Are you a gamer?

Gaming on the Down Low04:03

Gaming on the Down Low

What's Inside a Bank Vault?Edit

Studio C teams up with Dan and Lincoln from What's Inside to find out what's inside a Bank Vault.

Featuring guest stars What's Inside.

What's Inside a Bank Vault?03:23

What's Inside a Bank Vault?

Baby Spencer Goes to WorkEdit

Baby Spencer is BACK! (dun dun DUN!) Watch how Spencer uses his adorable baby face to fight through the tumultuous corporate world. This soft-skinned, weak-boned genius has ambitious plans!

Baby Spencer Goes to Work04:42

Baby Spencer Goes to Work

Star Wars: The Dork Awakens - Kylo Ren vs. ReyEdit

In honor of Rogue One's premiere, we present our new Star Wars Sketch: The Dork Awakens!

Star Wars- The Dork Awakens - Kylo Ren vs02:36

Star Wars- The Dork Awakens - Kylo Ren vs. Rey

The Knights of the Holy GrailEdit

In the world of Indiana Jones, the knights protecting the holy grail decide it's time to find their replacements. But they are having more trouble than they thought on their quest to find a true and worthy knight.

The Knights of the Holy Grail04:50

The Knights of the Holy Grail

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