Season 7 Episode 8

Hector tries his hardest to help his boss, The Great British Bakeoff contestants deal with their most difficult challenge yet, and the Cookie Monster gets pitched his craziest endorsement deal ever.

Hector, PleaseEdit

Some butlers are SO fussy to work with! Hector, just do what I ask, PLEASE!

Hector, Please04:02

Hector, Please

The Revenant: Back From the DeadEdit

In our parody of 'The Revenant,' we reveal the REAL story of the survival and adventures of Hugh Glass. 

The Revenant Back From the Dead02:36

The Revenant Back From the Dead

You're SO Lucky!Edit

Comparing pregnancies can be overly competitive sometimes. Maybe a little more empathy would be good. Which lady's side are you on??!

You're SO Lucky!03:39

You're SO Lucky!

7 Deadly SinsEdit

Beware the 7 deadly sins, which include pride, envy, wrath, gluttony, greed, lust, but especially.....sloth. For sloth feeds upon twigs, leaves, and the hearts of men.

7 Deadly Sins01:56

7 Deadly Sins

Flirting at the GymEdit

Do you love the gym? Fit life, exercise and working out? How do bros and jocks play into the equation? Do you get hit on by one or ARE you one?! Either way, you'll love this!

Flirting at the Gym03:33

Flirting at the Gym

The Great British Bake Off: TartsEdit

Are you a foodie? And are you also a fan of the hit British TV show all about baking? If so, you'll love watching Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood judge some of the most delicious tarts yet in this intense competition!

The Great British Bake Off Tarts04:18

The Great British Bake Off Tarts

The Cookie DietEdit

What is the latest diet trend, you ask? The cookie diet! It's all the rage! Just ask new spokesperson, Sesame Street's very own The Cookie Monster.

The Cookie Diet03:20

The Cookie Diet

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