Season 7 Episode 7

Harry Potter and the gang try using the Mirror of Erised again, Natalie adopts a strange new cat, and Jeremy struggles with getting picked last for the team.

Purse ProblemsEdit

Ever been out for a night on the town and you felt like you needed to bring everything you own with you?? Or better yet, have you ever been out WITH someone like this??

Purse Problems01:32

Purse Problems

Harry Potter and the Mirror of ErisedEdit

Are you excited for the new Harry Potter movie, 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'? Then take a peek into the Mirror of Erised and find out your hearts TRUEST desire! You may be surprised what you find!

Harry Potter and the Mirror of Erised04:08

Harry Potter and the Mirror of Erised

Adopting a New CatEdit

Cats and kittens are the cutest little pets, right? How could you go to an animal shelter and NOT come home with a furry little feline friend? Watch as this couple makes the most important decision OF THEIR LIVES.

Adopting a New Cat02:53

Adopting a New Cat

High School Boyfriend DramaEdit

When our family took a vacation to Utah in early June, Studio C invited us down to BYU to film two hilarious sketches for you! Many of you loved our skits from last year, and have asked for more so here you go!

Featuring guest stars Brooklyn and Bailey.

High School Boyfriend Drama - ft03:42

High School Boyfriend Drama - ft. Studio C - Brooklyn and Bailey

Who Birthed This Baby?Edit

A juicy thriller, this Clue-like mystery sketch looks at hard evidence into the investigation of WHO birthed this baby (insert thunder sounds)!!

Who Birthed This Baby?03:32

Who Birthed This Baby?

How'd You Get That?Edit

You can never be sure who the person is you're sitting next to. Sometimes it isn't who you think! Find out the who this mysterious bench-sitter is now!

How'd You Get That?03:39

How'd You Get That?

The Last Player PickedEdit

It's time for some baseball and now the team captains have to pick their teams! But who will be the last player picked? And how awkward will they feel? Let's go out to the ball game and find out now!

The Last Player Picked03:06

The Last Player Picked

Alien Internet InvasionEdit

When an alien race decide to strike and form an attack on Earth, they turn to human online reviews to pick the PERFECT target! These aliens are SOOO prepared!

Alien Internet Invasion03:44

Alien Internet Invasion

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