Season 7 Episode 5

Things get scary when Jeremy shops for a new piano, Matt's attempts at helping his baby get back to sleep go wrong, and the guys can't seem to understand Adam's Halloween costume.

The Haunted PianoEdit

Before you buy your musical instrument, it's always a safe idea to make sure it's tuned correctly. ...and doesn't have demons living in it!

The Haunted Piano03:29

The Haunted Piano

A Creepy Ghost WriterEdit

Regardless of what side of the grave you're on, grammar has been and will always be important! And that is why you should always be open to a teaching opportunity!

A Creepy Ghost Writer02:19

A Creepy Ghost Writer

Baby's Favorite LullabyEdit

If you have a crying baby, you'll do anything to get that baby to go to sleep, right? But at what cost? Learn the secret of these parents' success here!

Baby's Favorite Lullaby03:18

Baby's Favorite Lullaby

The Property Brothers' Greatest RenovationEdit

Don't you just love watching the HGTV show, Property Brothers?! They rebuild masterpieces despite ALL the odds! Well stay tuned for their GREATEST RENOVATION yet! ...a HAUNTED HOUSE!

The Property Brothers' Greatest Renovation05:37

The Property Brothers' Greatest Renovation

The Scariest Writer's RoomEdit

Writer's get really into ready their scripts. REALLY into it. it's SCARY how much they get into it!

The Scariest Writer's Room02:43

The Scariest Writer's Room

Blood Donor Saves Little GirlEdit

Things look bleak for little Callie until Chester Willikers—a.k.a. The BloodMan, a.k.a Blood Bandit—comes to her aid with lots and lots of...well, blood.

Blood Donor Saves Little Girl02:31

Blood Donor Saves Little Girl

Horrible Roommate Halloween CostumeEdit

Ever been to a Halloween party with a roommate wearing an embarrassing costume?!? Then you can relate to THIS one! Trick or Geek!

Horrible Roommate Halloween Costume03:39

Horrible Roommate Halloween Costume

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