Season 7 Episode 4

Astronaut Mark Watney experiences problems with his first YouTube channel, Jason teaches Jeremy just how great the internet can be, and a game of Truth or Dare gets more daring than ever.

What's the WordEdit

Ever forget a pretty basic word and it bothers you that you can't remember it? Ugh, the struggle is REAL.

What's the Word03:47

What's the Word

The Martian: Vlog 1Edit

Vlogging from space is officially a thing! Watch how these astronauts pass the time with their YouTube videos and subscribers. Commander Mark Watney and Commander Clark have some exciting things in store for YOU!

The Martian Vlog 101:37

The Martian Vlog 1

There's a Website for ThatEdit

Living in this digital age can be confusing, but also SUPER convenient. The question you need to ask yourself is, 'have you taken full advantage of all the glorious technology around you?' If not, here is an EXCELLENT model for you!

There's a Website for That03:11

There's a Website for That

The Martian: Vlog 2Edit

What happens when two astronauts stuck on Mars are competing for total YouTube subscribers??! Commander Mark Watney has some strong feelings towards Commander Clark. Watch them here!

The Martian Vlog 201:32

The Martian Vlog 2

Epic Photoshoot with Top Model Lucky Blue Edit

Lucky Blue thinks this photoshoot is going to be normal, but he is in for an eye-opening surprise. As the top male model, he may need a breather before taking his next modeling gig!

Featuring guest star Lucky Blue Smith.

Epic Photoshoot with Top Model Lucky Blue04:20

Epic Photoshoot with Top Model Lucky Blue

Newborn NutEdit

Newborn babies are cute, right? They're downright adorable. But the cuter they are, the more they need to watch out for the newborn nut!

Newborn Nut03:48

Newborn Nut

The Martian: Vlog 5Edit

That's it! Commander Watney can't take it anymore. He's on his last string on life, not in regards to surviving on Mars, but survival on his YouTube vlog. Commander Clark has truly defeated him and, quite frankly, this astronaut's channel is out of this world! ...and all other outer space worlds.

The Martian Vlog 501:29

The Martian Vlog 5

Truth or Dare Gone WrongEdit

Get ready for the CRAZIEST game of 'truth or dare'! Oh wow! Francis and her friends are going WAY out of their comfort zone! Watch it now! 

Truth or Dare Gone Wrong05:31

Truth or Dare Gone Wrong

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