Season 7 Episode 2

Stephen has the worst nightmare ever, the Phantom of the Opera gets dating advice from his pals, and Brooklyn and Bailey help the girls face off against the boys in an epic dance battle.

My Dad Could Beat Up Your DadEdit

The classic schoolyard debate is finally solved with this ultimate dad battle.

My Dad Could Beat Up Your Dad03:05

My Dad Could Beat Up Your Dad

A Rude AwakeningEdit

What could Stephen's worst nightmare be? Does it actually come true? Are pillows really a thing of comfort? All these questions and more are answered in our super sleepy spooky sketch where dreams may feel a little too real!

A Rude Awakening01:38

A Rude Awakening

Ya CoachEdit

It all comes down to the buzzer! Jimbo works hard to impress the coach and take the team all the way!

Ya Coach03:55

Ya Coach

Nuclashine Works Every TimeEdit

Are you looking for a beauty product that brings out your inner Beyonce? Well look no further, cause Nuclashine and its magical chemical combination brings a natural, healthier you that you will find NO WHERE ELSE. You won't believe the results!

Nuclashine Works Every Time01:22

Nuclashine Works Every Time

Quizzing Mom's DateEdit

Dating can be awkward enough, right? But then add the extra discomfort of being quizzed before the date even begins. ...and THEN add the awkwardness of being quizzed by your date's DAUGHTERS.

Quizzing Mom's Date04:19

Quizzing Mom's Date

The Guest List of His Royal MajestyEdit

The King is throwing a ball for his many regal and important friends in his kingdom. Hark the herald angels sing as this steward proclaims ALL the names on the guest list! 

The Guest List of His Royal Majesty04:01

The Guest List of His Royal Majesty

Dance Battle: Boys vs Girls - ft. Brooklyn & BaileyEdit

The stakes are high when two groups of friends perform the ultimate dance battle at the club... Boys Vs Girls! Brooklyn and Bailey and the girls of Studio C Battle the boys while fighting for their table or their honor! 

Featuring guest stars Brooklyn and Bailey.

DANCE BATTLE Boys Vs Girls - ft03:36

DANCE BATTLE Boys Vs Girls - ft. Brooklyn and Bailey

The Phantom of the Opera's Girl ProblemsEdit

Christine Daaé! Oh what a woman with an incredible voice. And the Phantom of the Opera just got some GREAT dating advice. The question is, will it work?

The Phantom of the Opera's Girl Problems04:20

The Phantom of the Opera's Girl Problems

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