Season 7 Episode 18

Harry Potter bids his children farewell as they journey to Hogwarts, the guys go to a club to flirt with the ladies, and an investigation is conducted on the streets of Old London.

This Is My Theme SongEdit

Sometimes, to seal the deal in the flirting arena, you need a good theme song. Do YOU have a good theme song for the dating game? Comment below!

This Is My Theme Song02:49

This Is My Theme Song

Harry Potter Family NamesEdit

Harry Potter is BACK! And this time, he's passing his legacy onto his children with VERY SPECIAL names that will likely determine their destiny. Learn about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and his posterity now!

Harry Potter Family Names03:01

Harry Potter Family Names

Secret Agent SightingEdit

Secret agents are all around us, all over the world, doing top secret things right under our noses, in total secrecy! They MAY even pose as... TOURISTS! (dun dun dun!) When in Rome, am I right??

Secret Agent Sighting02:51

Secret Agent Sighting

Typical Country SongEdit

Are you a country music lover? Or aspiring country song writer? Well then this song is for you! Here are all the ingredients to make a classic country song that will top the charts!

Typical Country Song02:18

Typical Country Song

She Had Me LikeEdit

These bros are psyched about the girls they just met at the party! Was it a mutual connection? Is Quinn good at communicating his feelings? Join the bro-fest now! Get it, get it!!

She Had Me Like04:44

She Had Me Like

Fairy Godmother GiftsEdit

Sometimes, Fairy Godmothers can be under-appreciated. With the heavy task of bestowing gifts to newborns in the kingdom, that task may not be as easy as you think. Once upon a time, it may have even been hard. Let's watch to see if this video ends happily ever after.

Fairy Godmother Gifts03:55

Fairy Godmother Gifts

Detective Doctor, At Your ServiceEdit

With professors, officers, doctors, detectives, murderers and a stabbing on the scene, it's bound to be utter pandemonium!

Detective Doctor, At Your Service04:37

Detective Doctor, At Your Service

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