Season 7 Episode 17

Sleeping Beauty receives gifts from the three good fairies, an unusual teacher substitutes at a middle school, and pirates board a ship and take the captain hostage.

The Day I Was BornEdit

When this young girl has a school homework assignment about the day she was born, she is left confused, shocked and with more questions than answers! Can you see what important details could be unclear?

The Day I Was Born03:57

The Day I Was Born

Zorro's MisfireEdit

The great hero Zorro must dual his arch nemesis. But will it be a fair fight? Will Zorro conquor all?! Tune in and find out!

Zorro's Misfire02:19

Zorro's Misfire

Slapping as Romantic ReactionEdit

(This video will be available at a later time.)

Boxing In Video GamesEdit

(This video will be available at a later time.)

Education With FashionEdit

(This video will be available at a later time.)

I Am The Captain Now!Edit

(This video will be available at a later time.)

16th Century Med SchoolEdit

Ever interested in the origins of med school? How did people become doctors?? How sound WAS their research??! Did medicine work??!?! All these questions and MORE are answered by watching!

16th Century Med School02:49

16th Century Med School

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