Season 7 Episode 16

Adam listens to the sounds of the ocean through a seashell, the Dark Knight saves a woman from danger with a little help from his friends , and video game creators brainstorm their next big idea.

Sounds of a SeashellEdit

Seashells are so cool and if you put it up to your ear, you can hear the sounds of the waves and the ocean. ...and maybe a little bit more!

Sounds of a Seashell01:58

Sounds of a Seashell

Worst Psychiatrist EverEdit

Worst Psychiatrist Ever.

Featuring guest extra Shayli Dursteler.

Worst Psychiatrist Ever03:45

Worst Psychiatrist Ever

Who Stole the MoneyEdit

In this Jerry Springer parody, we delve into the REAL ISSUES AT HAND. Did Marika actually STEAL Mary Lou's $100??! Or is Mary Lou creating fictional drama with her roommate because she wants attention? All this and more on the next Jerry mean......Gary Stinger!

Who Stole the Money03:26

Who Stole the Money

Save The StarfishEdit

What good does it do to save just one starfish when there are hundreds of them stranded on the shore? Would you throw them back? Watch this video and get inspired to do some environmental good?

Save The Starfish03:05

Save The Starfish

Microsoft Punishes Apple UsersEdit

Are YOU loyal to Microsoft or Apple? Are you morally opposed to one of these giant tech companies?? Well check out our video and find out how this rivalry plays out BEHIND THE SCENES!!

Microsoft Punishes Apple Users04:14

Microsoft Punishes Apple Users

I'm BatmanEdit

Ready for another STUDIO C BATMAN sketch?!? We thought so! Pay close attention as it may get EXTREMELY TRICKY to identify the ACTUAL Batman! Let's see if you can do it!

I'm Batman03:54

I'm Batman

Atari's Revenge on NintendoEdit

LITTLE DID YOU KNOW just how responsible Atari is for the greatest Nintendo games with Mario and Luigi in the WORLD! I'ma gonna win!

Atari's Revenge on Nintendo05:57

Atari's Revenge on Nintendo

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