Season 7 Episode 14

The Lifestyle Vlog girls return with “amaze” parenting tips, the guys discover their lives are actually The Truman Show, and two drivers go head to head in an epic lip sync battle.

Terrible Friend AwardEdit

Aren't best friends amazing?!? Like, kind of the best?? Do they not deserve an award? Well, if and when they get one, make sure you prep a valuable and important speech in honor!

Terrible Friend Award02:43

Terrible Friend Award

The Most Organic Vlog: Parenting TipsEdit

OMG r u totes supes ready to learn about how to parent??! Learn about essential oils, polio, sandwiches, organic baby diapers, seashells, and babieeeees! Involve the Earth! Hang with Sawyer and Madysen and learn to be the parent you always supes wanted to be! #momlife #LouandLeiaForever

The Most Organic Vlog Parenting Tips03:50

The Most Organic Vlog Parenting Tips

My Life is the Truman ShowEdit

Ever feel like everyone in your life are actors and that there are hidden cameras around you and your plot and story are scripted and nothing in your life is REAL??? Yeah, so does James.

My Life is the Truman Show05:21

My Life is the Truman Show

A Fitting DisguiseEdit

Ca-kaw! Time to go under cover! But how do you get your disguise??! Mug someone? Quick shopping trip?! Find out how these spies do their covert job now!

A Fitting Disguise02:51

A Fitting Disguise

Hansel & Gretel's First JobEdit

Just when they thought it was safe to enter the working world, Hansel & Gretel are in for a rude awakening! Run away, run away!

Hansel & Gretel's First Job02:32

Hansel & Gretel's First Job

Car Lip SyncEdit

When you're driving and a great song comes on, it's SO FUN to sing at the top of your lungs, right? Well, it's like 10 X MORE FUN to sing to random strangers in the car next to you!

Car Lip Sync02:16

Car Lip Sync

Puns Upon A TimeEdit

This Prince is SO PUNNY! He has an important decision to make... WHO will be the love of his life, the bride to his groom and the princess to this prince? And more importantly, what factors will help him make his decision?

Puns Upon A Time04:17

Puns Upon A Time

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