Season 7 Episode 13

Grandma J sets out to solve a court case, Jason's visit to Russia ends unexpectedly, and a teen movie theater employee discovers the best way to woo women.

Amateur JumpshotsEdit

KAREEM! Throwing trash away can be a great time to practice your jumpshot, right? Who loves basketball??! Baller life. Ball is life. We be ballin'.

Amateur Jumpshots02:14

Amateur Jumpshots

Grandpa Finds Hidden TreasureEdit

Grandpa's age-old quarter-in-the-ear trick reveals ALL NEW surprises! Find out what here!

Grandpa Finds Hidden Treasure02:44

Grandpa Finds Hidden Treasure

Count of Monte Cristo: Prison BreakEdit

What was the most exciting scene of "The Count of Monte Cristo"? OBVIOUSLY, it was the prison break! And we have an extended cut for you to enjoy! HOW did they do it? WILL they make it out alive? HOW many of your friends are you sharing this with??!?

Count of Monte Cristo Prison Break02:47

Count of Monte Cristo Prison Break

Triggered By BuzzwordsEdit

Every software sales presentation ever.

Featuring guest star Matthias.

Triggered By Buzzwords04:11

Triggered By Buzzwords

Russian RouletteEdit

Playing games with friends can be fun. Playing games with strangers can sometimes be more thrilling! Playing games with a cultural block, with your eyes closed in a foreign country can be terrifying!

Russian Roulette04:24

Russian Roulette

An Impartial JuryEdit

Mama J is on the case! With an important crime to solve, you can bet that Mama J and the rest of the jury are MORE than capable to make the correct decision! You like snickerdoodle, Mr. Judge?

An Impartial Jury04:02

An Impartial Jury

Angry Dance for LoveEdit

These movie theater workers may be taking advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime. When some young hotties come to the movies obsessing over guys that 'angry dance,' will these workers build up the nerve to impress? Will they WOO???

Featuring guest star Holly Homer.

Angry Dancing for Love04:21

Angry Dancing for Love

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