Season 7 Episode 12

Stephen finally gets a kiss from his high school crush, Officer Williams keeps things in order at the park, and the real Cinderella meets his Prince Charming.

Positively PregnantEdit

Am I pregnant? Are you?? Huh? I'm confused. Are you?? Well get ready for MORE confusion as we talk the possible reality of new babies!!!

Positively Pregnant02:35

Positively Pregnant

Luncheon LoversEdit

Lunch can get increasingly more exciting when you happen to start making googly eyes across the restaurant at some good looking person flirting back at you! Ready for a little sauciness added to your lunch??

Luncheon Lovers03:49

Luncheon Lovers

Prom Date ReplacementEdit

Should Madison still go to prom after a devastating breakup? She could. Should she go with Arnold instead? She could. Should Arnold pull the moves on her? He could.

Prom Date Replacement02:30

Prom Date Replacement

No PDA in the ParkEdit

Look out youngsters! Officer Williams is patrolling the park and taking his job veeeeeery seriously! There will be no kissing, no hand-holding and NOT EVEN flirty eyes made at the park!

No PDA in the Park04:02

No PDA in the Park

You Can Do AnythingEdit

Up on stage dreams really do come true! Whether it's American Idol, The X Factor or The Voice, you have a chance to be all you can be! Hear the inspirational music of the Johnson Sisters now!

You Can Do Anything02:38

You Can Do Anything

How To Impress A GirlEdit

Some guys go to GREAT measures to impress a girl they've never talked to! Which could include a robbery. Or a concussion. Interested? JUST YOU WAIT.

How To Impress A Girl02:45

How To Impress A Girl

Caught in the CrosshairsEdit

Breakups can be messy. And sometimes even public. They sometimes happen in public places, as you'll see here. Would that make things better or worse? You decide.

Caught in the Cross Hairs03:44

Caught in the Cross Hairs

Cinderella's NightmareEdit

One of the most enchanting fairy tales of all times is Cinderella's classic story with her prince charming, evil stepmother, stepsisters, fairy godmother and the magical slipper. But what happens if we throw in one MINOR twist? Happily ever after?

Cinderella's Nightmare02:26

Cinderella's Nightmare

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