Season 7 Episode 10

The kids make ornaments to hang on a tree, the family sits around the dinner table to share their favorite holiday traditions, and Kyle finally grows up, but not without some lingering problems.

Homemade Christmas Tree OrnamentsEdit

Don't you just love homemade Christmas tree ornaments?? Nothing better than the sweet and endearing charm of loved ones putting their arts and crafts skills to the test for your enjoyment......or horror!!!

Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments03:27

Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

A Stairway ChaseEdit

Running up the stairs can be hard work. For criminals and the police. Especially when it's a really really tall building. 

A Stairway Chase03:10

A Stairway Chase

Minor Holiday CourtEdit

Join our special guests, the Gardiner sisters, as they team up with our cast! With all the chaos of the holiday season, sometimes it's necessary to simplify; to cut things out. Like unnecessary holidays. What holiday will be cut next? Watch now!

Featuring guest stars Gardiner Sisters.

Cutting Out Holidays03:36

Cutting Out Holidays

The Most Organic Vlog: Christmas HacksEdit

You can never be too early or late to celebrate Christmas, amirite? But either way, you totes have to watch your diet!! So here are some supes cool health tips for you and your BFFs. Peace and love!!

The Most Organic Vlog Christmas Hacks03:47

The Most Organic Vlog Christmas Hacks

Kyle Gets MarriedEdit

Hyperactive Kyle takes his life to the next level and "settles down" and gets married. ...or does he? Join the reception and watch a wedding celebration to remember!

Kyle Gets Married03:36

Kyle Gets Married

Advent Calendar TemptationEdit

Advent calendars can be so fun! But when they're full of soooo many delicious chocolate treats, it can just be soooo hard to pace yourself!

Advent Calendar Temptation02:44

Advent Calendar Temptation

Uncomfortable Christmas Family TraditionsEdit

Christmas traditions are the best! ...unless they're not. And they get way too close and personal with family members. And then, they're the worst.

Uncomfortable Christmas Family Traditions04:16

Uncomfortable Christmas Family Traditions

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