Season 6 Episode 9

James' boss patiently pursues a casual conversation, Sherlock and Moriarty engage in a battle of genius wit, and the Guild of Adventurers help their friend prepare for a date.

Awkward Conversation with BossEdit

An employee makes things awkward stuffing his face with food when his boss tries to start a conversation with him at the company party work retreat.

Awkward Conversation with Boss02:55

Awkward Conversation with Boss

Rebel Alliance Life InsuranceEdit

Joining the Rebel Alliance is a dangerous prospect when facing Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire! Be sure to get you're life insurance through Star Wars' Tatooine Mutual Benefits.

Rebel Alliance Life Insurance04:44

Rebel Alliance Life Insurance

Sherlock Meets His MatchEdit

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson confront Professor Moriarty in an epic intellectual showdown.

Sherlock Meets His Match03:33

Sherlock Meets His Match

Your Favorite Teen DramaEdit

Do you feel like the struggle of high school is REAL? And no one can relate? Well, maybe these four just might! Teen drama is life!

Your Favorite Teen Drama04:03

Your Favorite Teen Drama

Most Excited Star Wars Fans EverEdit

Waiting for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to come out is a really hard thing to do for some fans! 

Most Excited Star Wars Fans Ever02:39

Most Excited Star Wars Fans Ever

Dungeons and Dragons 3: First Date Edit

One of these dungeon masters FINALLY earns the luck of a date with a girl! Join their quest and watch how they valiantly prepare. 

Dungeons and Dragons 3 First Date06:22

Dungeons and Dragons 3 First Date

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