Season 6 Episode 7

A doctor performs surgery on a talented magician, six contestants compete in a workplace reality show, and David Wayne Starr chats with a news reporter about his middle school carnival.

Leadership Training Gone WrongEdit

Leadership is what separates us from the animals. To be human is to be a leader. If you've never been a leader, you've never really been human, and there is no point to your life.

Leadership Training Gone Wrong03:22

Leadership Training Gone Wrong

Inside a MagicianEdit

Ever wondered what happens when a magician has to get surgery? Wonder no more!

Inside a Magician03:46

Inside a Magician

The Entertainment 2: Assisted Living CommunityEdit

Join the rock and roll party at the hottest assisted living center in your neighborhood! Listen and enjoy the music of 'Fire and Brimtones,' as they play a bunch of oldies ...for a bunch of oldies. 

The Entertainment 2- Assisted Living Community04:57

The Entertainment 2- Assisted Living Community

Kaskade's "Disarm You" Trolls CoupleEdit

The EDM music of Kaskade's new album, Automatic, is powerful enough to influence you to do anything.

Featuring guest star Kaskade.

Kaskade's "Disarm You" Trolls Couple04:48

Kaskade's "Disarm You" Trolls Couple

The Single KillerEdit

Ever felt singled out like a 3rd, 5th or even 7th wheel? Watch our latest sketch to see how one man's relationship status plays a role in solving a crime.

The Single Killer02:55

The Single Killer

Men vs. Women on New Office Reality Show Edit

Office drama reaches new heights in the all new reality show, Expectations.

Men vs02:12

Men vs. Women on New Office Reality Show

Middle School Kid Ruins the News Edit

Things gets a little awkward when middle school kid David Wayne Starr takes over this news interview at the carnival...

Middle School Kid Ruins the News04:37

Middle School Kid Ruins the News

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