Season 6 Episode 6

It´s another spook-tacular Studio C Halloween special. A frustrated ghost coordinates his hauntings with his victim, three vengeful teenage girls toilet paper a boy´s house, and Kyle discovers his favorite part of Halloween.

Ghost Schedules HauntingEdit

The only thing scarier than a ghost haunting you is one more thing added to your calendar.

Ghost Schedules Haunting03:47

Ghost Schedules Haunting

Kyle's Hyper HalloweenEdit

Halloween, candy and Kyle make for a very interesting evening for his parents.

Kyle's Hyper Halloween04:22

Kyle's Hyper Halloween

The Real Death ClockEdit

When Stacey finds a website that calculates each person's EXACT time of death, the group dynamics will never be the same again!

The Real Death Clock04:02

The Real Death Clock

The Walking Dead Survival GuideEdit

Surviving the zombie apocalypse is a very complicated matter...or not. Could you manage to follow Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes in this parody and trust a new tactic to survive?

The Walking Dead Survival Guide05:12

The Walking Dead Survival Guide

A Friend's Dying SecretsEdit

Watch how tragedy brings these friends closer together. In this unexpected turn of events, Jason and Jeremy learn so many secrets about their late friend.

A Friend's Dying Secrets05:01

A Friend's Dying Secrets

What Not To Do At a Funeral Edit

When a mourning couple at the cemetery notice fellow mourners, their grief is only augmented. Join them at the grave as the attempt to keep up with the joneses.

What Not to do at a Funeral03:10

What Not to do at a Funeral

First Time Vandalist Edit

When the girls go out to TP an ex-boyfriend, things get a little out of hand as they learn there's an art to doing it right. Don't get caught!

First Time Vandalist03:01

First Time Vandalist


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Ghost Schedules Haunting 910,000+ 98.9%
Kyle's Hyper Halloween 2,190,000+ 99.1%
The Real Death Clock 1,690,000+ 98.7%
The Walking Dead Survival Guide 1,740,000+ 98.8%
A Friend's Dying Secrets 2,210,000+ 99.1%
What Not To Do At a Funeral 1,300,000+ 97.7%
First Time Vandalist 1,170,000+ 97.7%


  • Jason, Whitney and Stephen Meek appear in five out of seven sketches.
  • James only appears in The Walking Dead Survival Guide, Stacey and Jeremy only appear twice.
  • This episode features Kyle.
  • Ghost Schedules Haunting is the only sketch with less than one million views.
  • The sketch with the most views, A Friend's Dying Secrets, is also the sketch with the highest rating.

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