Season 6 Episode 3

Matt plays a strange round of Bop-it, an overdramatic poet interrupts her roommate's game night, and a male seahorse juggles the new emotional toll of being pregnant.

Old Man Drive Thru ConfusionEdit

Drive Thru pranks are nothing compared to this old man just ordering lunch.

Old Man Drive Thru Confusion03:22

Old Man Drive Thru Confusion

Bop It Extreme: The Ultimate Party GameEdit

How far would you go to obey Bop It?

Bop It Extreme- The Ultimate Party Game03:16

Bop It Extreme- The Ultimate Party Game

What Is Real?Edit

You've got the perfect family and a great job, everything in life is perfect...then the Studio C writers get a hold of it.

What Is Real?02:28

What Is Real?

The Restaurant of LifeEdit

Eating at The Restaurant of Life is always exciting and unexpected. Enjoy your meal!

The Restaurant of Life06:03

The Restaurant of Life

Bad Roommate AgathaEdit

Who was your most annoying roommate ever?

Bad Roommate Agatha04:12

Bad Roommate Agatha

The Absent-Minded Robber Edit

Do you ever walk into a room and forget why you went there in the first place?  

The Absent-Minded Robber03:13

The Absent-Minded Robber

The Hard Life of a Male Seahorse Edit

Watch how one seahorse's life is turned upside-down when he and his wife find out their family is growing. Join in to see how his friends react to pregnancy.

The Hard Life of a Male Seahorse04:31

The Hard Life of a Male Seahorse

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