Season 6 Episode 20

It's the Season 6 Season Finale! Matt impersonates a priest as Whitney comes to confessional, Juan returns to help another vacationer relax, and Adam turns to drastic measures to administer CPR.

Crisis at the ConfessionalEdit

Have you ever had an unfortunate misunderstanding?! Well, this one is sure to top the cake when a "priest's advice" goes awry!

Crisis at the Confessional05:09

Crisis at the Confessional

Don't Text at the MoviesEdit

You know those annoying people that are always on their phone during the movies, right? In this video, we show why that is SO DANGEROUS.

Don't Text at the Movies03:53

Don't Text at the Movies

LOST Parody: The Bravest CPR on TVEdit

Just when all hope looks LOST (pun) for poor Charlie, brave Jack will stop at nothing to revive his friend....nay....his brother!

LOST Parody The Bravest CPR on TV03:44

LOST Parody The Bravest CPR on TV

Juan Who Works at Cabo - DosEdit

Juan is BACK with his A service!

Juan Who Works at Cabo - Dos04:51

Juan Who Works at Cabo - Dos

Get Up and Walk Out of HereEdit

You better not mess with Drago, 'cause he's got eyes EVERYWHERE. Watch what happens when you don't believe me.

Get Up and Walk Out of Here02:37

Get Up and Walk Out of Here

The New Go-Pro SettingEdit

Do you LOVE your Go-Pro?!? Well, just when you thought it couldn't be better, there is a new setting which will change your ENTIRE Go-Pro experience!

The New Go-Pro Setting04:56

The New Go-Pro Setting

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