Season 6 Episode 2

An unhappy crayon crashes a group song during a children's television show, The Piano Guys plan yet another unbelievable music video, and Wonder Woman confronts the rest of the Justice League on team issues.

Longest Grocery Store Checkout LineEdit

A normal trip through the grocery store cashier line turns into a long, long experience.

Longest Grocery Store Checkout Line03:26

Longest Grocery Store Checkout Line

The Crayon Song Gets RuinedEdit

The Wonderful Show's Imaginary Fun Learning Emporium-Palooza Extravaganza Hour get's ruined by an unhappy crayon.

The Crayon Song Gets Ruined03:27

The Crayon Song Gets Ruined

Presidential SleepoverEdit

(This video will be available at a later date.)

The Piano Guys Behind ThePianoGuysEdit

Have you ever wondered how the ThePianoGuys move the grand pianos on top of mountains, Great Wall of China, trains and other crazy locations? Meet The Piano Guys Behind ThePianoGuys.

Featuring guest stars The Piano Guys.

The Piano Guys Behind ThePianoGuys04:41

The Piano Guys Behind ThePianoGuys

The Gang WhispererEdit

Watch out gang-bangers! If you cross over into another gang's turf, you may just get attacked by the gang whisperer!

The Gang Whisperer04:29

The Gang Whisperer

Worst Waiter Ever Edit

We all love getting a good waiter when you go out to eat. You probably won't want this guy as your waiter though.

Worst Waiter Ever03:01

Worst Waiter Ever

Wonder Woman Fights Justice League For Equality Edit

Wonder Woman takes on Batman, Superman and The Flash in an argument for more equality in the ranks of the Justice League. 

Wonder Woman Fights Justice League For Equality05:14

Wonder Woman Fights Justice League For Equality

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