Season 6 Episode 19

Adam fails to understand the true meaning of chocolate waffles, Karma strikes Mallory with full force, and the natives try to find a worthy sacrifice for their volcano god.

The Ultimate Football FailEdit

High school sports can be tough! How do YOU deal with failure? Will this underdog finally get his break? 

The Ultimate Football Fail02:52

The Ultimate Football Fail

A Bike's RightsEdit

Sharing the road isn't as easy as it sounds, especially when there's a criminal on the loose. 

A Bike's Rights04:15

A Bike's Rights

The Smiths 2: The Brothers' RevengeEdit

Just when the farm seemed safe and sound, Mr. Smith's brothers showed up to town with a nasty plan up their sleeves.

The Smiths 2 The Brothers' Revenge04:51

The Smiths 2 The Brothers' Revenge

She Loves You, Bro!Edit

Reading flirting signals can be hard. Good thing this guy has roommates who are well versed in the LANGUAGE of LOOOOVE.

She Loves You, Bro!05:15

She Loves You, Bro!

Bad KarmaEdit

Do you believe in karma? Well, this sketch may change your mind and make you think twice how you treat others!

Bad Karma02:26

Bad Karma

Office Royal RumbleEdit

When it comes to tuna sandwiches, we take things pretty seriously. When it comes to communication, we absolutely none.

Office Royal Rumble03:16

Office Royal Rumble

The Last Mayan SacrificeEdit

When it comes time for you to offer a burnt, human sacrifice to a volcano so that it doesn't erupt and destroy your entire village, make sure your choice is VERY well thought out!

The Last Mayan Sacrifice04:23

The Last Mayan Sacrifice

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