Season 6 Episode 17

In this Studio C Fairytale Special, Prince Phillip psyches himself up to kiss Sleeping Beauty, a narrator wreaks havoc in a story and the worlds of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings collide.

The Original Gold DiggerEdit

Things can get pretty hairy when you have to finish chores that you, in no way, can complete by morning, or else you die and a creepy, hairy man offers to do them for you for the exchange of your child.

The Original Gold Digger04:14

The Original Gold Digger

Prince Charming's First KissEdit

Don't worry Prince Charming, that first kiss is always a little awkward.

Prince Charming's First Kiss05:32

Prince Charming's First Kiss

Narrator HaterEdit

Don't you just LOVE fairy tales? Especially the ones where the guy fights for the girl and the girl is captured by a wizard and the narrator tries to ruin the whole thing? Stay tuned.

Narrator Hater04:25

Narrator Hater

The Medieval Presidential DebateEdit

Ever wonder how King Arthur earned his kingdom? We're here to lay out the FACTS of what REALLY happened!

The Medieval Presidential Debate04:47

The Medieval Presidential Debate

Zalmuron the ReincarnatedEdit

Be careful what you wish for because an Avon sales witch just might grant it! Karma kills, or in this case it won't!

Zalmuron the Reincarnated02:17

Zalmuron the Reincarnated

Lord of the PotterEdit

What will happen when the Wizarding World of Harry Potter meets the Middle Earth World of the Lord of the Rings?!?! All we can say is it is EPIC!

Lord of the Potter05:24

Lord of the Potter

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