Season 6 Episode 15

A pregnant Whitney wigs out to Stephen, a couple finds unexpected shapes in the clouds, and a parents' lie comes unravelled in a matter of minutes.

Baby Prepping OverloadEdit

Stephen and Whitney prepare the nursery for the coming baby, but things start to get out of hand when Whitney imagines what things will be like with the new baby.

Baby Prepping Overload02:36

Baby Prepping Overload

Juan Who Works At CaboEdit

This video has been taken off of YouTube by Studio C because of possible insensitivity of the protagonist of the sketch.

The following video has been uploaded by a third-party.

Juan Who Works at Cabo04:30

Juan Who Works at Cabo

Strangest Sound on a DateEdit

Have you been set up on a blind date? They can be really great or REALLY awful! See how this woman handles it!

Strangest Sound on a Date03:48

Strangest Sound on a Date

How To Do a Fugitive MakeoverEdit

When fugitives escape, time runs short to lay low, survive and change their appearance. What lengths will this fugitive go for safety?

How to Do a Fugitive Makeover02:38

How to Do a Fugitive Makeover

A Kindergarten Fight For LoveEdit

Even at 6 years old, these playground kids don't mess around when it comes to matters of the heart!

A Kindergarten Fight for Love06:13

A Kindergarten Fight for Love

Do You See What I See?Edit

What types of things have you seen in clouds before? Watch these VERY CREATIVE ideas that these two picnic-ers came up with.

Do You See What I See?01:54

Do You See What I See?

They're All Dead?!Edit

For this poor family, everything around them is lie---and we're being dead serious. When you get home, you just might want to give your family and friends a good shake to see if, you know... they're really alive.

They're All Dead?!03:43

They're All Dead?!

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