Season 6 Episode 14

An office employee discovers something gross under his seat, Dr. Shoemaker uncovers new findings from an elementary experiment, and Batman and Superman face off in court.

A Germaphobe's NightmareEdit

Ever entered a new environment that is hygienically just not up to par?? Well, this young man is about to have a rude awakening!

A Germaphobe's Nightmare04:19

A Germaphobe's Nightmare

A Bad Family Game NightEdit

Join in on the fun of family game night. Just make sure you know how to play. Consequences may be different than you think!

A Bad Family Game Night03:26

A Bad Family Game Night

Password Protection ProblemsEdit

Password protection can be a very good thing. Sometimes, however, it can completely ruin lives. Do you believe me?

Password Protection Problems03:52

Password Protection Problems

"Mono" MonologueEdit

What happens when you've studied the wrong content for a test? What about for a FINAL?? DUN DUN DUN.

"Mono" Monologue05:32

"Mono" Monologue

The Microworld with Dr. Shoemaker: Chemical ReactionsEdit

Science just became exciting again! Experience your own wonderful chemical reactions as you watch Dr. Shoemaker explore the chemical reactions between two elements. Welcome to the Microworld with Dr. Shoemaker!

The Microworld with Dr02:05

The Microworld with Dr. Shoemaker Chemical Reactions

Batman v Superman on The Citizen's CourtEdit

Things just got REAL. Batman is suing Superman for all he's worth! What will the world do when its heroes turn against each other? Stay tuned!

Batman v Superman on The Citizen's Court06:33

Batman v Superman on The Citizen's Court

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