Season 6 Episode 13

Stacey receives advice from Mother Wisdom, presidential candidates run into trouble after accepting debate questions from YouTube, and the worst cop ever shows how difficult it really can be to protect the community.

Mother Wisdom's WisdomEdit

When Stacey hikes a mountain to a monastery to to seek life advice from Mother Wisdom, he ends up getting something unexpected.

Mother Wisdom's Wisdom03:50

Mother Wisdom's Wisdom

The Ultimate Game of MASHEdit

Have you ever played the game of MASH? What were your results? End up with a mansion or a shack? 

The Ultimate Game of MASH05:03

The Ultimate Game of MASH

French Revolution ManhuntEdit

Aristocracy? More like AristoCRAZY! Find out what happens when the republic works to execute the French Aristocracy! How do they defend themselves??

French Revolution Manhunt06:08

French Revolution Manhunt

Your Third Wheel FriendEdit

Have you ever had that friend who just doesn't get social cues? This friend takes being a third wheel to a whole new level! 

Your Third Wheel Friend04:28

Your Third Wheel Friend

Worst Cop EverEdit

Sleep a little better tonight knowing that the law enforcement is protecting you from danger. ...or at least trying their best. ....or maybe just sort of trying.

Worst Cop Ever02:36

Worst Cop Ever

YouTube Democratic DebateEdit

What as our nation become? Just when we thought it was a good idea to open up presidential debate question to the YouTube comments section, we might want to think again...

YouTube Democratic Debate04:56

YouTube Democratic Debate

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