Season 6 Episode 1

The cast kicks off Season 6 with a glimpse into the future of Studio C, a couple's doctor visit takes a sudden turn when shots are administered, and a revolutionary war gentleman labors to save Lady Gordon, a fainting damsel in distress.

Studio C Season 50Edit

Season 6 of Studio C is here! We're so excited we're giving you a sneak peek at the next 44 seasons of Studio C.

Studio C Season 5006:01

Studio C Season 50

Easily Offended FriendsEdit

Are you easily offended? Then you may not want to watch this sketch. Wait, you'll definitely want to watch this sketch!

Easily Offended Friends03:21

Easily Offended Friends

Grown Man Reacts To ShotsEdit

Adults secretly hate getting shots more than kids. Jeremy and Natalie hate shots more than most adults.

Grown Man Reacts To Shots02:55

Grown Man Reacts To Shots

Drop What You're DoingEdit

Watch how this team constantly misunderstands the meaning of an idiom and, in turn, creates major problems. It's just an expression, guys!

Drop What You're Doing02:12

Drop What You're Doing

Two Guys On A ScooterEdit

There are few things better than two guys on a scooter, except for maybe 3 guys on a scooter. We dare you not to have this song in your head the rest of the day!

Two Guys On A Scooter04:24

Two Guys On A Scooter

Lady Gordon’s Fainting Spells Edit

It was a dangerous time to live during the Revolutionary War. People always had to be on guard, especially when Lady Gordon was around!

Lady Gordon's Fainting Spells06:02

Lady Gordon's Fainting Spells

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