Season 5 Episode 1

The whole cast welcomes you to Season 5 of Studio C, Matt finds a new world in his couch, and James's friends try to explain how to walk properly.

Studio C Secrets RevealedEdit

Studio C secrets revealed in a toast to open Season 5!

Studio C Secrets Revealed03:18

Studio C Secrets Revealed


Couchville comes to life in Matt's living room.



The Art of the Set UpEdit

The art of the set up is more complicated than you may think.

The Art of the Set Up03:46

The Art of the Set Up

Disney Plans Hero's DeathEdit

Walt Disney plans the hero's death in yet another Disney animated classic.

Disney Plans Hero's Death03:49

Disney Plans Hero's Death

The Armageddon Movie WalkEdit

The Armageddon Movie Walk is on, full display as five astronauts prepare to save the world.

The Armageddon Movie Walk04:41

The Armageddon Movie Walk

Kid's School Photo BannedEdit

Kid's school photo banned from printing by government agency. Should we be outraged or grateful?

Kid's School Photo Banned04:20

Kid's School Photo Banned


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Studio C Secrets Revealed 2,210,000+ 99.2%
Couchville 1,400,000+ 98.9%
The Art of the Set Up 1,250,000+ 98.9%
Disney Plans Hero's Death 1,570,000+ 98.9%
The Armageddon Movie Walk 1,350,000 99.0%
Kid's School Photo Banned 2,540,000+ 98.0%


  • This is the first episode where the ten cast members are part of the main cast, instead of being divided into a main and featured cast.
  • Jason, Whitney and Adam appear in all six sketches in this episode.
    • Matt doesn't appear in The Armageddon Movie Walk.
  • Natalie only appears in Studio C Secrets Revealed and The Art of the Set Up.
  • Several members of the Crew, including Jared Shores, are featured in this episode.
  • This episode features Couchville.
  • All featured sketches have more than one million views.
    • Kid's School Photo Banned and Studio C Secrets Revealed are the only sketches with more than two million views.
  • Studio C Secrets Revealed is the only sketch with a rating higher than 99%.
    • Kid's School Photo Banned is the only sketch with a rating lower than 98%.

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