Season 4 Episode 9

Elementary students lose a couple friends when the ground turns to lava, the Royal Queen tries to understand social media better, and a marketing team has big ideas for lobster bisque.

Lip Reading IssuesEdit

Why can't people just say what they want to.

Lip Reading Issues02:01

Lip Reading Issues

The Ground is LavaEdit

Kids have wild imaginations.

The Ground Is Lava!03:11

The Ground Is Lava!

Tweeting Rainbow 3Edit

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

Tweeting Rainbow 300:16

Tweeting Rainbow 3

The Queen On TwitterEdit

Some people shouldn't be on twitter.

The Queen On Twitter04:02

The Queen On Twitter

Twin TherapistEdit

Being a twin is better than most people think.

Featuring guest star David Bazan.

Twin Therapist (feat03:54

Twin Therapist (feat. David Bazan)

Lobster Bisque OpportunitiesEdit

Watch as Bisque Man finds ways to improve his business.

Lobster Bisque Opportunities05:41

Lobster Bisque Opportunities

Worst App EverEdit

Snape isn't that good for a GPS voice.

Worst App Ever02:32

Worst App Ever

Fugitive Man HuntEdit

Trying to hunt down a fugitive isn't easy. It takes a lot of coordination and attention to detail. Thankfully these cops are on the job.

Fugitive Man Hunt03:58

Fugitive Man Hunt


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Lip Reading Issues 1,340,000+ 99.1%
The Ground Is Lava! 4,130,000+ 97.8%
Tweeting Rainbow 3 130,000+ 96.1%
The Queen On Twitter 1,140,000+ 98.2%
Twin Therapist 2,500,000+ 97.8%
Lobster Bisque Opportunities 1,000,000+ 98.8%
Worst App Ever 2,500,000+ 98.8%
Fugitive Man Hunt 1,470,000+ 96.9%


  • This episode features David Bazan.
  • Matt appears in six out of eight sketches.
  • The episode features the Bisque Man, Martin and an instalment of Tweeting Rainbow and Worst... EVER.
  • The Ground Is Lava! has over four million views.
    • Worst App Ever and Twin Therapist are the other sketches with more than two million views.
  • The lyrics of the Studio C Openings since Season 2 are said in Fugitive Man Hunt.
  • Tweeting Rainbow holds the worst rating of this episode, with a rating just below 96%.
  • Lip Reading Issues is the only sketch with a rating higher than 99%.

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