Season 4 Episode 7

Mates of State joins the whale rally, the president fights through his most challenging press conference yet, and the gods of the Greek Parthenon introduce themselves.

Don't Save the WhalesEdit


Featuring guest stars Mates of State.

Don't Save The Whales03:41

Don't Save The Whales

Presidential FailEdit

No one is going to reelect him.

Presidential Fail02:30

Presidential Fail

Gary and Carl 2Edit

The Johnson Twins are Back!

The Gary and Carl Show, Ep 202:25

The Gary and Carl Show, Ep 2

Courting RitualsEdit

Watch as we study the human.

Courting Ritual03:41

Courting Ritual

The Truth About RunningEdit

The truth about running isn't easy to handle. Make sure you're sitting down before you click play and share this with a runner you know and love.

The Truth About Running03:50

The Truth About Running

Mean GirlsEdit

I will never understand women.

Mean Girls02:47

Mean Girls

The Least Known Greek GodsEdit

There are so many Greek Gods that it's hard to keep them all straight. Allow them to introduce themselves to you.

The Least Known Greek God03:31

The Least Known Greek God

The New Ronald McDonaldEdit

Get rid of Ronald McDonald and find someone new! Maybe someone like this guy.

The New Ronald McDonald03:41

The New Ronald McDonald


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Don't Save the Whales 1,850,000+ 95.6%
Presidential Fail 1,160,000+ 99.2%
The Gary and Carl Show, Ep 2 300,000+ 97.9%
Courting Ritual 960,000+ 97.8%
The Truth About Running 3,770,000+ 97.6%
Mean Girls 2,310,000+ 98.0%
The Least Known Greek God 2,360,000+ 97.6%
Tweeting Rainbow Green Eggs and Ham Not uploaded
The New Ronald McDonald 1,900,000+ 97.3%


  • Adam, Stacey, Natalie and Jeremy appear in seven out of nine sketches.
    • Oddly enough, none of four named cast members are part of the main cast.
  • This episode features an instalment of the Gary and Carl Show and an instalment of Tweeting Rainbow.
  • This episode also features Mates of State as guest stars.
  • Seven out of nine sketches have a rating between 97% and 98%.
    • Don't Save the Whales has a rating of just above the 95%.
    • Presidential Fail has a rating higher than 99%.
  • The Truth About Running, Mean Girls and The Least Known Greek God are the only sketches with more than two million views.
    • The Truth About Running is the only sketch with more than three million views.
  • Every cast member plays two roles in the sketch The Least Known Greek God, except for Stacey, who plays one.

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