Season 4 Episode 5

The local nuclear facility has a little meltdown, mothers get their new anthem, and Mozart is entertained by his greatest student yet.

Race PaceEdit

Hurry up! It'll take you FOREVER to finish this race.

Race Pace02:23

Race Pace

Kyle's Ride AlongEdit

NEVER agree to take care of Kyle.

Kyle's Ride Along03:15

Kyle's Ride Along

To Kill a Mockingbird FailEdit

I would Kill any cat.

To Kill A Mockingbird Fail03:50

To Kill A Mockingbird Fail

Mother PowerEdit


Mother Power03:10

Mother Power

Alien InvasionEdit

I'm glad no one renamed our sun.

Alien Invasion03:59

Alien Invasion

Never Before Seen Sound of Music FootageEdit

The hills are alive with the sound of music.

Never Before Seen Sound of Music Footage03:09

Never Before Seen Sound of Music Footage

The Origins of Country MusicEdit

This maybe a little early for country music.

The Origins of Country Music04:22

The Origins of Country Music


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Race Pace 1,180,000+ 98.1%
Tweeting Rainbow Vanity Fair Not uploaded
Kyle's Ride Along 2,240,000+ 99.3%
To Kill A Mockingbird Fail 870,000+ 97.5%
Mother Power 2,880,000+ 97.4%
Tweeting Rainbow A Wrinkle in Time Not uploaded
Alien Invasion 1,050,000+ 98.7%
Never Before Seen Sound of Music Footage 920,000+ 97.9%
The Origins of Country Music 780,000+ 98.7%


  • This episode features Kyle and two instalments of Tweeting Rainbow.
    • However, these instalments of Tweeting Rainbow have not been uploaded on YouTube, and can only be seen on BYUtv.
    • This episode also features the DJ from Dubstep DJ from Season 2 Episode 10.
  • Matt appears in every sketch, aside from Tweeting Rainbow.
  • Mother Power and Kyle's Ride Along are the only sketches that have more than two million views.
    • Race Pace and Alien Invasion are the only other sketches with more than one million views.
  • The highest rating of this episode is held by Kyle's Ride Along, with a rating higher than 99%.

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