Season 4 Episode 3

The survivors of a crashed plane search for help, Jason and his friends play the greatest video game ever, and the group at Hogwarts welcomes their newest class member.

The Real Tooth FairyEdit

Are you the tooth fairy?

The Real Tooth Fairy01:00

The Real Tooth Fairy

Lost Plane CrashEdit

Look more closely at your surroundings before you come to any conclusions.

Lost Plane Crash03:10

Lost Plane Crash

The Gary and Carl ShowEdit

Gary and Carl are here to answer all your questions.

The Gary & Carl Show01:51

The Gary & Carl Show

Nuclear GlowEdit

Lift your eyebrows, and look happy.

The Nuclear Glow03:35

The Nuclear Glow

Most Realistic Video GameEdit

Video games have destroyed many lives.

Most Realistic Video Game of All Time05:02

Most Realistic Video Game of All Time

The Real BullyEdit

Now who's the bully here?

The Real Bully05:16

The Real Bully

Worst Lawyer EverEdit

I never want her to take my case.

Worst Lawyer Ever03:25

Worst Lawyer Ever

Homeschooler at HogwartsEdit

Homeschoolers are much smarter than everyone else.

Homeschooler at Hogwarts03:40

Homeschooler at Hogwarts


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
The Real Tooth Fairy 940,000+ 97.8%
Lost Plane Crash 2,050,000+ 98.7%
The Gary & Carl Show 500,000+ 96.7%
The Nuclear Glow 1,840,000+ 99.0%
Most Realistic Video Game of All Time 2,820,000+ 98.1%
The Real Bully 3,080,000+ 97.5%
Worst Lawyer Ever 2,550,000+ 98.4%
Homeschooler at Hogwarts 2,390,000+ 97.7%


  • Jason, Whitney, Matt, Stephen and Jeremy take part in six out of eight sketches.
    • It is presumed that Jason appears in Worst Lawyer Ever, although he his face can not be seen.
  • This episode features an instalment of the Gary and Carl Show and an instalment of Worst... EVER.
  • The Real Tooth Fairy and The Gary & Carl Show are the only sketches with less than one million views.
  • The Real Bully is the only sketch with more than three million views.
  • The Gary & Carl Show has the lowest rating of this episode, its rating being the only one less than 97%.
  • The Nuclear Glow is the only sketch with a rating higher than 99%.

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