Season 4 Episode 10

The president gives his most motivational pep talk, the Brothers Grimm try to tell the commoners their latest story, and Studio C ends the season with a fond farewell.

Battlefield Pep TalkEdit

Kinda reminds you of Trump, doesn't he?

Battlefield Pep Talk02:50

Battlefield Pep Talk

Ugly BabyEdit

Some babies aren't born cute.

Ugly Baby04:16

Ugly Baby

Gary and Carl 3Edit

Take my advice, don't take their advice.

The Gary and Carl Show, Ep 302:13

The Gary and Carl Show, Ep 3

Once Upon a Time...Edit

Some people just don't get common phrases.

Once Upon a Time..03:29

Once Upon a Time...

Marcus Pick up Chicks 3Edit

Another one of those people you don't take advice from.

How To Pick Up Chicks Part 3 With Marcus01:46

How To Pick Up Chicks Part 3 With Marcus

Tweeting Rainbow 4Edit

To Kill A Mockingbird.

Tweeting Rainbow 400:16

Tweeting Rainbow 4

A Bold New Soap OperaEdit

Soap operas are so dumb, and that's why we watch them.

A Bold New Soap Opera03:33

A Bold New Soap Opera

Our Wedding DayEdit

Some weddings are so beautiful.

Our Wedding Day04:25

Our Wedding Day

Studio C Bids FarewellEdit

I'm so sad that Studio C might be coming to an end.

Studio C Bids Farewell05:05

Studio C Bids Farewell


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Battlefield Pep Talk 510,000+ 98.8%
Ugly Baby 1,640,000+ 98.9%
The Gary & Carl Show, Ep 3 240,000+ 98.3%
Once Upon A Time... 990,000+ 98.4%
How To Pick Up Chicks Part 3 With Marcus 580,000+ 97.1%
Tweeting Rainbow 4 100,000+ 95.8%
A Bold New Soap Opera 930,000+ 98.4%
Our Wedding Day 1,490,000+ 95.9%
Studio C Bids Farewell 1,400,000+ 98.8%


  • Mallory and Jason are part of seven out of nine sketches. Neither of them appears in The Gary & Carl Show, Ep 3 and Tweeting Rainbow 4.
    • Stephen and James only appear in Battlefield Pep Talk, Once Upon A Time... and Studio C Bids Farewell.
  • Jared Shores appears in this episode.
  • This episode features the Gary and Carl Show, Tweeting Rainbow, Bisque Man and Mattory.
  • Tweeting Rainbow 4 and Our Wedding Day are the only sketches with a rating lower than 96%.
    • How To Pick Up Chicks Part 3 With Marcus is the only other sketch with a rating lower than 98%.
  • Our Wedding Day isn't made out of video footage, but out of photo footage.

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