Season 3 Episode 9

Stephen waits in an extremely romantic restaurant for his date to arrive, Whitney tries to learn how Mallory rates their friendship, and a soup loving family prepares to meet their son's new girlfriend.

Money BoxEdit

More money, more problems.

Money Box02:40

Money Box

Table for OneEdit

Sorry Looser.

Table for One03:23

Table for One

Best Friend ZoneEdit

Are we best friends?

Best Friend Zone03:38

Best Friend Zone

Bad Boy RapEdit

Girls can't resist a bad boy...

Bad Boy Rap03:34

Bad Boy Rap

Bourne H.R.Edit

Jason Bourne affects everyone.

Bourne HR03:15

Bourne HR

Grammar LeagueEdit

The Grammar League is back!

The Grammar League02:22

The Grammar League

Meet the Bisque FamilyEdit

Lobster bisque runs in the family.

Meet the Bisque Family05:47

Meet the Bisque Family


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Money Box 1,310,000+ 98.9%
Table for One 1,670,000+ 98.6%
Best Friend Zone 1,440,000+ 98.7%
Bad Boy Rap 1,810,000+ 97.2%
Bourne HR 1,700,000+ 99.4%
The Grammar League 1,370,000+ 99.2%
Meet the Bisque Family 1,660,000+ 97.9%


  • This is the only non-special episode amid four specials in Season 3.
  • Mallory, Whitney, Stephen and James appear in all seven sketches. Matt doesn't appear in Meet the Bisque Family, and neither does Stacey.
    • The other cast members all appear in five out of seven sketches.
  • Jared Shores appears in Bad Boy Rap.
  • The sketch with the lowest rating Bad Boy Rap is the most viewed sketch.
  • All seven sketches are viewed between one million and two million times.

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