Season 3 Episode 8

A bright inventor has each of his brilliant ideas ruined, a couple on a hike assists a stranded stranger, and Teddy explains how his story business works.

Black FridayEdit

Black Friday free-for-all.

Black Friday01:36

Black Friday

Fraulein PoppinsEdit

Never before seen test footage of Mary Poppins.

Fraulein Poppins02:51

Fraulein Poppins

Bad InventorEdit

Every invention can be made just a little better.

Bad Inventor03:25

Bad Inventor

Help MeEdit

Beggars can be choosers.

Help Me02:45

Help Me

Context is EverythingEdit

A big thanks to Rogue Wave for helping with this video!

Featuring guest stars Rogue Wave.

Context is Everything (featuring Rogue Wave)03:14

Context is Everything (featuring Rogue Wave)

Teddy's Story JointEdit

Every great story came from Ted's Story Joint!

Featuring guest star Kenny Baldwin.

Teddy's Story Joint - Studio C04:42

Teddy's Story Joint - Studio C

Worst Doctor EverEdit

We're going to need a second opinion.

Worst Doctor Ever02:19

Worst Doctor Ever

Shoulder Angel and DevilEdit

Angel vs. Devil... who wins?

Featuring guest star McKay Jacobsen.

Shoulder Angel and Devil05:49

Shoulder Angel and Devil


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Black Friday 1,560,000+ 98.8%
Fraulein Poppins 1,010,000+ 97.3%
Bad Inventor 1,860,000+ 99.4%
Help Me 1,570,000+ 97.5%
Context is Everything 1,050,000+ 94.4%
Teddy's Story Joint 1,810,000+ 99.3%
Worst Doctor Ever 3,690,000+ 98.6%
Shoulder Angel and Devil 2,280,000+ 98.6%


  • Matt appears in all the sketches of this episode. Jason doesn't appear in Help Me.
  • Jared Shores appears in two sketches, Context is Everything and Worst Doctor Ever, and Rogue Wave, Kenny Baldwin and McKay Jacobsen also appear in this episode.
  • This episode features the Shoulder Angel and Devil and another instalment of Worst... EVER.
    • This episode also features a sketch referencing Mattory.
  • This episode features the first sketches with a rating higher than 99% since Season 3 Episode 6.
    • Bad Inventor has a rating of almost 99.5%, and Teddy's Story Joint has a rating of 99.3%.
  • Context is Everything holds the worst rating of this episode, having a rating of around the 94.5%.
  • Worst Doctor Ever is the only sketch with more than three million views.
    • Shoulder Angel and Devil is the only other sketch with more than two million views.

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