Season 3 Episode 7

Mr. Eckelstone subs in the local Lamaze class, a talk show host tries to keep it together before the commercial break, and a high school team has to play a little ugly to win.


Every generation is a little different.



Eckelstone LamazeEdit

Mr. Eckelstone strikes again!

Eckelstone Lamaze05:03

Eckelstone Lamaze

All the FeelsEdit

There are reasons some people don't cry.

All the Feels02:57

All the Feels

Diving FinalsEdit

Diving is all about style.

Diving Finals04:03

Diving Finals

Holding BackEdit

You Don't Know What I want Linda!

Holding Back - Studio C04:27

Holding Back - Studio C

Say Yes To the VestEdit

Men reveal their highly dramatic natures in Say Yes to the Vest!

Say Yes to the Vest01:25

Say Yes to the Vest

Ugly WinEdit

An ugly cop flashback.

Ugly Win03:04

Ugly Win


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Generationals 1,460,000+ 98.4%
Eckelstone Lamaze 1,300,000+ 98.1%
All the Feels 1,360,000+ 98.4%
Diving Finals 4,260,000+ 97.5%
Holding Back 1,540,000+ 98.7%
Say Yes to the Vest 1,110,000+ 97.4%
Ugly Win 1,130,000+ 97.7%


  • Matt appears in all the sketches of this episode. Jeremy doesn't appear in Eckelstone Lamaze.
    • Mallory doesn't appear in Diving Finals and Ugly Win, although she is credited to have appeared in the former.
  • This episode features sketches with Matt Hopper and Gabe Casdorph.
  • This episode also includes a sketch with Mr. Eckelstone.
  • The shortest sketch, Say Yes to the Vest is also the worst rated. It is the only sketch this episode with a rating lower than 97.5%.
  • Diving Finals has the most views, being the only sketch with more than 1.5 million views, having more than 4 million views.
  • Holding Back and Generationals are the two best rated sketches of this episode.

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