Season 3 Episode 6

A father and his hyperactive son finally discover the genie's lamp, a restaurant offers lower-calorie options with strings attached, and the truth finally settles a long sibling rivalry.

The Great Oak TreeEdit

The Great Oak Tree is in grave danger!

Great Oak Tree03:37

Great Oak Tree

Kyle's Three WishesEdit

You've got three wishes...don't mess this up.

Kyle's Three Wishes03:17

Kyle's Three Wishes

Skinny MenuEdit

This is a surefire way to keep the pounds off!

Skinny Menu03:13

Skinny Menu

Love Loves LoveEdit

This is the most epic love song ever.

Love Loves Love03:24

Love Loves Love

Joe DangerfieldEdit

The worlds greatest animal show!

Joe Dangerfield03:32

Joe Dangerfield

Captain IronyEdit

Captain Literally's world is getting a little crowded.

Captain Irony02:11

Captain Irony

Super SiblingEdit

Superman is super annoying as a brother.

Super Sibling - Studio C04:03

Super Sibling - Studio C


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Great Oak Tree 1,550,000+ 98.9%
Based on Actual Events 420,000+ 92.6%
Kyle's Three Wishes 1,900,000+ 99.0%
Skinny Menu 2,150,000+ 98.6%
Love Loves Love 440,000+ 95.5%
Is This Yours? 650,000+ 95.2%
Joe Dangerfield 960,000+ 98.8%
Captain Irony 1,640,000+ 98.9%
Superman's Sibling 2,630,000+ 98.3%


  • Matt and Jason play in the most sketches in this episode out of all the cast members, that being six out of nine sketches.
  • Jeremy plays in only two sketches, that being Great Oak Tree and Captain Irony.
    • Those two sketches are the only sketches with more than five cast members playing in them.
  • Apart from the specials of Season 3, this episode has the most sketches with nine.
  • The sketches in this episode feature Captain Literally and Kyle.
  • Based on Actual Events is the shortest sketch of Studio C, aside from recurring series in Season 4 Tweeting Rainbow.
    • Is This Yours? is the only other sketch in this episode of less than one minute.
  • Based on Actual Events is the worst rated sketch so far, with a rating just higher than 92.5%.
    • Love Loves Love and Is This Yours? also have a relatively low rating, both with a rating just higher than 95%.
  • Kyle's Three Wishes is the only sketch with a rating higher than 99%.
  • Superman's Sibling and Skinny Menu are the only sketches with more than two million views.
    • In comparison, Based on Actual Events and Love Loves Love haven't reached the 500,000 views yet.

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