Season 3 Episode 5

Mrs. America is crowned, a ninety-year-old cameraman struggles during a live taping of the Beatles, and the USA tells Great Britain that she will never get back together with him.

Lifeboat ThoughtsEdit

I would never want to be stranded on a boat with these two.

Lifeboat Thoughts00:56

Lifeboat Thoughts

Dungeons and DragonsEdit

Dungeons and Dragons geeks meet...a girl.

Dungeons and Dragons06:45

Dungeons and Dragons

Panic AttackEdit

A perfect example of escalation.

Panic Attack03:02

Panic Attack

Ms. America DisasterEdit

The sick can be beautiful, too.

Miss America Disaster04:45

Miss America Disaster

Bad CameramanEdit

This guy is old enough to NOT remember The Beatles.

Bad Cameraman03:08

Bad Cameraman

Worst Teacher EverEdit

There are good teachers, there are bad teachers and then there is the worst teacher...ever.

Worst Teacher Ever02:19

Worst Teacher Ever

International RelationsEdit

International relations get a little tense when America meets Britain at the super market.

International Relations - Studio C05:13

International Relations - Studio C


Video StatisticsEdit

Sketch Title Views Like Ratio
Lifeboat Thoughts 1,010,000+ 95.3%
Dungeons and Dragons 1,910,000+ 98.3%
Panic Attack 2,070,000+ 98.8%
Miss America Disaster 2,420,000+ 97.6%
Bad Cameraman 890,000+ 98.0%
Worst Teacher Ever 4,520,000+ 98.4%
International Relations 5,000,000+ 98.4%


  • This episode features the second Worst... EVER, the first Dungeons and Dragons and the first International Relations.
  • Mallory appears in every sketch, except for Lifeboat Thoughts. Jason plays in every sketch, except for International Relations, assuming he plays one of the band members in Bad Cameraman.
  • Jeremy only plays in Miss America Disaster and Bad Cameraman.
  • Lifeboat Thoughts only has a rating around the 95%, which makes it one of the lowest rated sketches so far.
  • The highest rated sketch of this episode is Panic Attack, with a rating of just below 99%.
  • This is the first episode with two sketches with more than four million views, this being Worst Teacher Ever and International Relations.
    • International Relations has more than five million views.
  • Bad Cameraman is the only sketch with less than one million views.

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